ETA Full Form

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    This is the amount of time required for a physical or virtual object to arrive at a place. From physical means objects like trains, planes, cars etc. Example of virtual object can be a computer file which is being transferred from one computer to other. It is sometime also referred as ETOA. In many case ETA is simply time required for a task to complete.

  • Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

    This is an armed organization in Greater Basque Country which was formed in 1959. They fight for independence from Greater Basque Country.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Estimated Time of ArrivalGeneralETA
Estimated Time AvailableNetworkingETA
Estimated Time of AnalysisSoftwaresETA
Electronics Transaction AssociationElectronicsETA
Expected Time of ActionMessagingETA
Expected Time of ArrivalMessagingETA
Equity Transfer AgreementAccounts and FinanceETA
Electronic Transfer AccountAccounts and FinanceETA
Expense Time and ActivityAccounts and FinanceETA
Empty Tank AlertSpace ScienceETA
Engine Temperature AlarmSpace ScienceETA
Environmental Test ArticleSpace ScienceETA
Estimated Time To AcquisitionSpace ScienceETA
Explosive Transfer AssemblySpace ScienceETA
External Tank AttachmentSpace ScienceETA
English Teaching AssistantJob TitleETA
Ebcdic To AsciiComputer Assembly LanguageETA
Engineering Technology AssociatesTechnologyETA
Erroding Terrain AsilarEarth ScienceETA
Euskadi Ta AskatasunaOrganizationETA
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