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  • Joint Photographic Experts Group

    JPEG is a digital file type of images or pictures. JPEG image compression standards were created by Joint Photographic Experts Group and hence the name 'JPEG'. JPEG images are generally named with '.jpg' or '.jpeg' extensions. JPEG compression reduces the file size considerably low and hence they are suitable for using on websites because they take very short time to load. Converting a high quality image into JPEG can cause loss in picture quality because JPEG uses a lossy compression mechanism for conversion to reduce file size.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Joint Photographic Experts GroupFile TypeJPG
Joint Photographics Expert GroupComputer and NetworkingJPG
Joint Presidents Group (CEN/CENELEC/ETSI)Computer and NetworkingJPG
Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpeg)File TypeJPG
JALPAIGURIIndian Railway StationJPG
Journal of Physics GPhysics RelatedJPG
Joint Planning GuidanceMilitary and DefenceJPG
Joint Planning GroupMilitary and DefenceJPG
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