LOL Full Form

  • Laugh(ing) Out Loud

    LOL is the short term for Laugh Out Loud. It is generally used on social networking sites and messengers when you encounter something really funny incident or conversation point. Aggressive popularization of social networking activities on internet has given rise to many such informal communication terms.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Laugh(ing) Out LoudInternet ChatLOL
Laughing out loud, laugh out loudInternet SlangLOL
Lurking On LineNetworkingLOL
LOLIEMIndian Railway StationLOL
Lack of LanthanumChemistryLOL
Lots of LuckMessagingLOL
Lots of LaughsMessagingLOL
Looking On LineMessagingLOL
Lack of LaughterMessagingLOL
Little Old LadiesMessagingLOL
Laughing On LineMessagingLOL
Laugh Out LoudMessagingLOL
Laughing Out LoudMessagingLOL
Loads of LoveMessagingLOL
Love Outdated LawsMessagingLOL
Looking Over LiamMessagingLOL
Love of LifeMessagingLOL
Love of LaughingMessagingLOL
Love On LineMessagingLOL
Land of LincolnMessagingLOL
Limit of LiabilitySpace ScienceLOL
Lots of LengthMeasurement UnitLOL
Lovelock (nv)Airport CodeLOL
Land of LegendsSportsLOL
Lick Our LumpsSportsLOL
Loss of LifeMilitary and DefenceLOL
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