LCD Full Form

  • Liquid Crystal Display

    LCD is a flat panel electronic display which uses liquid crystals to display videos or images. LCD use has rapidly increased in recent times due its advantage over conventional electronic displays like CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes). Due to flat panel, one can easily accommodate LCD display panels inside congested and complex electronic devices. Also better picture clarity can easily be achieved with LCDs.

  • Lowest Common Denominator

    It is a mathematical term.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Liquid Crystal DisplayElectronic DeviceLCD
Lowest Common DenominatorMathematicsLCD
Loss of Cell DelineationComputer and NetworkingLCD
Local Coverage DeterminationsHealthcareLCD
Local Change DirectoryNetworkingLCD
Local Current DirectoryNetworkingLCD
Launch CountdownSpace ScienceLCD
Louis TrichardtAirport CodeLCD
Low Cost DisplayComputer HardwareLCD
Last Cup DistanceSportsLCD
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