CAT Full Form

  • Common Admission Test

    It is an abbreviation for an entrance test conducted by Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for selecting students into their MBA study programs. Not only IIMs but also Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) use CAT score to give admission into their various management study programs. This entrance exam is Computer-based standardized test and takes 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Common Admission TestMBA Entrance Exam in IndiaCAT
Computer-Aided TranslationInformation TechnologyCAT
Cellular Action Team (ECSP committee)Computer and NetworkingCAT
Computerized Axial TomographyHealthcareCAT
Charges, Access, and TermsTelecommunicationCAT
Catalog (cp Backup - Dbase Iv)File TypeCAT
Quicken Intellicharge Categorization FileFile TypeCAT
Rational Rose Logical PackageFile TypeCAT
Computer Aided TranslationSoftwaresCAT
Computer-aided TestingSoftwaresCAT
CHATTAR HATIndian Railway StationCAT
Chimeric Acetyl TransferaseChemistryCAT
Certified Alarm TechnicianElectronicsCAT
Central African TimeTimeCAT
Central Alaska Time [utc - 1000]TimeCAT
Can't Answer ThatMessagingCAT
Certified Accounting TechnicianAccounts and FinanceCAT
Constant Amortized TimeAccounts and FinanceCAT
Cost, Access, and TermsAccounts and FinanceCAT
Cat IslandAirport CodeCAT
ConcatenateComputer Assembly LanguageCAT
Complementary Angle TheoremMathsCAT
Computed Axial TomographyPhysics RelatedCAT
CategoryMilitary and DefenceCAT
Combat Application TourniquetMilitary and DefenceCAT
Continuous Adaptive TerrainMilitary and DefenceCAT
Crisis Action TeamMilitary and DefenceCAT
Computer-assisted TrainingMilitary and DefenceCAT
Center for Army TacticsMilitary and DefenceCAT
Capital Asset TrackingMilitary and DefenceCAT
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