WWW Full Form

  • World Wide Web

    WWW is a system of interlinked web pages that can be accessed from remote computers or digital terminals through internet. During 1989 and 1990 web was developed by a computer scientist known as Tim Berners Lee. It is important to note that WWW (World Wide Web) and Internet are not synonym to each other. Many time people use this 'web' term in place of 'internet'. One should note that the web is one of the service that runs on internet while internet is connection between computers and computer networks. An interlinked hypertext web document can be read through a web browser software.

Full FormCategoryTerm
World Wide WebWeb TechnologyWWW
Where Were We?MessagingWWW
Would We Worry?MessagingWWW
Working Westside WidowMessagingWWW
When, Where, WhyMessagingWWW
Wherever, Whenever, WhateverMessagingWWW
When Will We ....?MessagingWWW
While We WaitMessagingWWW
Wine, Women, and WealthMessagingWWW
Why Would We?MessagingWWW
World Wide WrestlingSportsWWW
We Will WinSportsWWW
Wait, Wish, and WorryMilitary and DefenceWWW
World Wide WarMilitary and DefenceWWW
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