ISD Full Form

  • International Subscriber Dialing

    It is the process of placing a direct call to any international number by subscriber. The term 'international subscriber dialing' is also used for 'international direct dialing'. In short both terms indiacate the same process of international calling.

Full FormCategoryTerm
International Subscriber DialingTelecommunicationISD
Independent Segment DecodingComputer and NetworkingISD
Integrated Services Digital (TIA-646-B)Computer and NetworkingISD
International Standards DevelopmentComputer and NetworkingISD
Rapidfile Spelling Checker DictionaryFile TypeISD
Improved Standard DriverSoftwaresISD
Intrinsically Static-dissipativeElectronicsISD
In-station DiagnosticsElectronicsISD
Interface State DensityElectronicsISD
Instructional Systems DevelopmentSpace ScienceISD
IscuandeAirport CodeISD
Information Storage DeviceComputer HardwareISD
Increasing, Steady, Or DecreasingMathsISD
Integrated Sports DevelopmentSportsISD
Icon Sports DivisionSportsISD
Industrial Support DetachmentMilitary and DefenceISD
Individual Soldier DetectorMilitary and DefenceISD
Interoperability Standardization DirectorateMilitary and DefenceISD
Information Systems DivisionMilitary and DefenceISD
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