CPU Full Form

  • Central Processing Unit

    It is the main processing module or unit of an electronic system. For example: A computer system is made up of different units like memory unit, processing unit and input-output circuitary unit. It is the processing unit that controls and schedules different task on computer system. Today, CPUs are built with one or set of microprocessors. A CPU is further sub divided into ALU and CU. ALU (Arithmetic Logical Unit) is responsible for performing mathematical and logical operations while CU (Control Unit) is responsible for scheduling different tasks on computer like fetching instructions from memory etc.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Central Processing UnitElectronic DeviceCPU
CHOPANIndian Railway StationCPU
Clever People UnderstandMessagingCPU
Cute People UnitedMessagingCPU
Computer Printer UnitSpace ScienceCPU
Control Pointing UnitSpace ScienceCPU
Capacitance Potential UnitsMeasurement UnitCPU
Centrifugal Power UserJob TitleCPU
CururupuAirport CodeCPU
Core Processing UnitComputer HardwareCPU
Computer Parts UnlimitedStock ExchangeCPU
Chemical Protective UnderwearMilitary and DefenceCPU
Command Processing UnitMilitary and DefenceCPU
Common Part UserMilitary and DefenceCPU
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