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  • Et cetera

    Et cetera is a latin term used on the places where we want to say "and other things" or "and so on". The word has been adapted in english too. It is widely used to indicate continuance of a series with similar items. For example a stationary shop owner may say that he sells goods like notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils etc.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Et ceteraGeneraletc
Eligible Telecommunications CarrierTelecommunicationETC
Enhanced Telecommunications CorporationTelecommunicationETC
Existing Transmission CommitNetworkingETC
Enhanced Throughput CellularElectronicsETC
ETC Networks Limited[Amalgamated]NSE Company SymbolETC
End of Thinking CapacityMessagingETC
Experiment Test CycleSpace ScienceETC
Earth Terrain CameraSpace ScienceETC
Estimate To CompletionSpace ScienceETC
Eastern Tracking Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network SiteSpace ScienceETC
Executive Transaction CoordinatorsJob TitleETC
Entertainment Technology CenterTechnologyETC
Entertainment Technology and CommerceTechnologyETC
Electron Transport ChainPhysics RelatedETC
Enhanced Terminal CapabilityMilitary and DefenceETC
Electrothermal ChemicalMilitary and DefenceETC
Enhanced Tactical ComputerMilitary and DefenceETC
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