EMI Full Form

  • Equal Monthly Installments

    It is a fixed monthly amount that a borrower has to pay to lender. Many banks these days allow borrowers to pay their loans in EMI. It means that bank gives a facility to borrower to pay its money in different parts for a specified period.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Equated Monthly InstallmentBankingEMI
Equal Monthly InstallmentsFinanceEMI
Electromagnetic InterferenceComputer and NetworkingEMI
Exchange Message Interface (Bellcore standard for data transmission between RBOC/LECComputer and NetworkingEMI
Electro-magnetic InterferenceTelecommunicationEMI
Equated Monthly InstalmentAccounts and FinanceEMI
Electronic Money InstitutionAccounts and FinanceEMI
Equal Monthly InstallmentAccounts and FinanceEMI
EmirauAirport CodeEMI
Energy Management InterfaceComputer HardwareEMI
External Memory InterfaceComputer HardwareEMI
Energy Management InstituteBusiness ManagementEMI
Emergency Management IssuesBusiness ManagementEMI
Emergency Management Institute'sBusiness ManagementEMI
European Monetary InstituteStock ExchangeEMI
Electromagnetic InterfaceMilitary and DefenceEMI
Extra Military InstructionMilitary and DefenceEMI
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